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Customized packaging

Customization means being unique. Differentiation means being remembered. We offer an original way to stay etched in the minds of your customers. Have a look to the following video and appreciate the quality of this special advertising method.

In addition to the traditional pastry production, we offer our Customers a special service: we are able to customize the packaging of our products with a Customer’s logo.
We can provide you with a product that stands you out, an original winning idea that can turn a sweet break into an effective advertising method.

Antica pasticceria artigianale Rippa
Baci di dama e amaretti morbidi Rippa

we*ll offer you a delightful break...


Our tasty Baci di Dama or Soft Macaroons


and our custom wrappers and boxes with your logo

Rippa is not only biscuits... sometimes works magic

Baci di Dama or Soft Macaroons wearing the right outfit! An outfit that represents your company, your hotel, your business and on which we can print your logo, your signature, your message, using unlimited colours and fancy.

choose your favourite tastes



Gusti e confezioni della Pasticceria Rippa

Custom packaging to guard an exclusive and unique gift.

We can customise both wrappers (black printed) and boxes (with colours) according to your needs, providing a professional service and creating a product with attention to every detail. An original gift for your customers, to commemorate an event, a show, or a new product campaign.

Quantità minime Pasticceria Rippa
Quantità minime Pasticceria Rippa

Leave your mark. Your mark for every occasion.

Choosing our customised Baci di Dama and Amaretti Morbidi, you can be sure to offer a high quality product. Small handmade masterpieces for an intense moment of pleasure.


• 300 custom boxes (see sample size) + 10 kg of bulk product with custom wrapper, choosing between:
- baci di dama (approx. 900 pcs)
- soft macaroons (approx. 600 pcs).
Boxes are delivered flat.

• Or 20 kg of bulk product with custom wrapping, choosing between:
- baci di dama (approx. 1800 pcs.)
- soft macaroons (approx. 1200 pcs.).

Every Bacio or Macaroon is individually packed (flow-pack method) and wrapped into its custom paper with your logo.

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We will be glad to provide you with all the information on custom products by Rippa’s Backery.